Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Live Better Eclectically

File:The Friends Stage cropped.jpg

For quite a while now I've been feeling the need to expand my "friend base" and delve into new social areas. 

I'm very fortunate in that I have many fine, caring, intelligent, active and informed friends. We gather one or two or five or six at a time. These gatherings usually involve a bottle or two of wine and some potluck food. What they "involve" on a deeper level is good conversation and the further cementing of our friendships. 

I'm also more than fortunate, I am blessed, to have two sons and daughters-in-law who fill my heart with joy and spark my mind with a myriad of things to think about, talk about and share (of course, their busy lives mean this doesn't happen near enough for me!). 

So, it's not that I lack mental stimulation. I've simply decided it's time to step into some new arenas.   

One of those "new arenas" is Sunday Assembly Portland. They meet regularly every second Sunday at McMenamin's Lola's Room in downtown Portland. After the meeting many attendees stay for conversation and lunch. There are also smaller, more spontaneous gatherings during the month (hiking, playing games, etc).
I'll be experiencing my first Sunday Assembly this coming Sunday. I look forward to meeting new people, hearing their thoughts, their ideas. As time goes on, my hope is I will add to my eclectic mixture of acquaintances and forge new friendships.  

                            What is wanted is not the will to believe, 
but the will to find out, 
which is the exact opposite. 
~ Bertrand Russell

As a secular humanist, Sunday Assembly's doctrine appeals to me. Following is information from the Web site(s):